Full Service Wash Bay

With a massive wash bay that is 100ft L x 16ft W x 16ft H, we will wash anything that fits!

Splash & Dash

Fast and convenient Splash and Dash wash, which features Dirt/Bug busting foam, High pressure wands with HOT water, hand brushed windows and chrome, and finally a full wash cycle with our automated machine.

Detail Wash

Meticulous Detail wash which includes Dirt/Bug busting foam, High pressure wands with Hot water, engine wash, and hand brushing the entire tractor, and finally a full wash cycle with our automated machine to revitalize the look of your truck.

Acid Wash

We are the Acid wash specialists! We have different kinds to suit any of your needs.

Snow Removal

Our automated machine will remove snow build up on trailers during the winter.

Tar Removal

We also remove tar from your truck.

Under Vehicle Wash

Detailed under vehicle wash which is done over the pit to ensure everything is cleaned thoroughly.


Pick up and delivery services for any type of vehicle and or trailer.


Detailed Wash: Under hood rinse, brush stacks and hard to get areas and rims.
Express Wash: Does not include under hood rinse or brushing of painted areas.

Detailed Splash & Dash
Tractor $89.00 $70.00
Tractor with Day Cab $70.00 $50.00
Excessive Snow, Ice, Bugs or Mud Removal $30/15 minutes $30/15 minutes
Engine Wash $30 $30
“Acidize” Wheels & Tanks $50


Detailed Wash: Machine and hand brushed.
Express Wash: Machine brushed only.

Detailed Splash & Dash
Standard Dry Box, Moving Van, Reefer & Flat Decks $89.00 $79.00
Grain, Cement, Woodchip, Tank or Dump $100.00 $79.00
Auto Carrier & Super B Flat Decks $100.00 $79.00
Grain Train & Tanker Train $155.00 $125.00
Acidize Outside Reefer Trailer or Van $180.00
Acidize Horse Trailer $135.00
Acidize “B” Train’s $309.00
Tractors with Trailers Attached (No Hitch)
Box Haulers under 25 feet $80.00 $69.00
Box Haulers over 25 feet $89.00 $79.00
Dump Truck $100.00 $90.00
Dump Truck with Pup $110.00 $100.00

Splash & Dash Washes

Machine & Wand Wash Unit/Brush Windows & Chrome

Detailed Splash & Dash
Tractor & Trailer Single $168.00 $144.00
Tractor & B-Train Trailers $235.00 $160.00

Inside Washouts

Use Either Soap & Water “OR” Fire Hose

Standard Dry Box/Reefer $39.00
Grain Trailer (Single) $79.00
Grain Trailer Train $100.00
Sanitize $19.00
Acidize Reefer Trailer/Moving Van/Dry box $160.00

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Canadian Truck Wash Limited is located in south-east Calgary at the entrance to Foothills Industrial Park. Take Highway #2/ Deerfoot Trail  to the Peigan Trail exit and go south one block on Barlow Trail. Turn east on 50th avenue. We are on the SE corner of Barlow and 50th avenue (the building with the blue roof).

Wash bay hours

Monday to Friday 7am-12am

Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm

Lube bay hours

Monday to Friday 7am-12am

Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm

Interior Detailing and Decal Removal Hours

Monday to Friday 7am-6pm

Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm

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